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Selling parts online is a great way to increase inventory turns and grow revenue. It is tough, however, to crack the code and make online sales profitable. Sellers have traditionally encountered three challenges:

1. Getting visitors to your website: Search Engine Optimization and paid search are expensive, difficult and donft always deliver the results you expect.

2. Managing a large online inventory takes time and resources. Just adding rich content like part pictures, accurate descriptions and vehicle fitment information can take full-time staff.

3. Managing a high volume of orders can also require full-time staff.

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The Solution: Nexpart eBay Link

14 Million Visitors for Your eBay Store on Day One

eBay Motors reaches over 14 million unique monthly visitors creating huge traffic for your site on day one. 30% of all automotive-related time is spent on eBay Motors driving billions in sales. Generating traffic to your online store is no longer an issue.

Automated Content Creation, Listing Insertion & Order Processing

Nexpart eBay Link automates most of the time-consuming research, pricing, listing and fulfillment processes to create a truly profitable business-to-consumer channel for the parts seller.

Nexpart eBay Link extracts the parts inventory and pricing directly from your Warehouse, Jobber or Dealer Management System (DMS), automatically adds descriptions and images, then maps each part to vehicle fitments and eBay categories. Your recurring rules automatically list your inventory on eBay Motors. You can literally list thousands of parts in minutes. Nexpart eBay Link then creates a single listing per part that is searchable by vehicle and description, even if it fits hundreds of different vehicles. A buyer searching for a g2007 Infiniti M35 crank sensorh will find your professional-looking listing, and it will confirm that it fits their car.

Orders are sent in real time to your DMS; printing pick tickets and relieving inventory. All live eBay listings are continually updated with quantity and price changes from your DMS to ensure high service levels and positive feedback.

Reduced eBay Fees and Included Features at No Charge

Nexpart eBay Link reduces the cost of selling on eBay with an exclusive fee schedule that includes numerous eBay features:

  • Listing Insertion fees waived
    valued at $.05-$.30 per listing

  • Listing Subtitle included at no charge
    valued at $1.50 per listing

Bigger Profits for Parts Sellers

Sellers using Nexpart eBay Link list on average 50,000 parts in their store; maximizing their selling opportunity and minimizing the work. Combined with our exclusive eBay pricing, Nexpart eBay Link is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to sell online.

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Target Customers /

Car Dealerships

Wholesale Distributors

Target End Users /

Consumers on eBay

Business Area /

Online Retail Parts Department

Benefits /

Typical 75% reduction in

One listing per part number eliminates duplicate listings common today

Each listing auto-mapped to vehicle fitments

Automated listing insertion on eBay in proper category

Nexpart Real-time integration to the sellerfs existing system prints orders and decrements inventory instantly.

Shipping and Tracking Numbers can be auto-generated with shipping solutions from and others

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